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It’s Chelsea’s birthday episode! The Rotoscopers finally review one of the Disney films that they’ve had on their bucket list since they started the show: Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.


• Catch and fire with Chelsea!

• Nerdy Couch Discussion: Origins of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale from the Sleeping Beauty art book.

• Main Discussion: Sleeping Beauty (1959)

• The making-of documentary from the end of the VHS tape.

• Discussion about the unique art style, backgrounds, and Eyvind Earle.

• The fairies are like midlevel Powerpuff Girls.

• The king’s choir is always ready to serenade.

• Big discussion on Maleficent, her design, her backstory and the 2014 film Maleficent.

• The goons are based on classical art.

• Why Prince Phillip is the best Disney prince ever (the girls agree!).

• The eternal debate: pink or blue?

• New Disney Theory: Is this film a predecessor to The Sword in the Stone?

• We rate it!

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