Most superheroines wear skintight or very little clothing, usually showing off their *ahem* gifted bodies while fighting the good fight. The Burka Avenger, created by Aaron Haroon Rashid, instead clads a traditional burka to hide her secret identity. So what’s her backstory? Jiya is a Pakistani teacher who fights to prevent a girl’s school from shutting down and fixing the evil mistakes men make. She wears the burka not to reinforce a garment often seen to repress, but to empower women and show off her ninja-like skills. Plus her clothing choice is nothing like the usual burka. Haroon already made a game and a TV show starring the Burka Avenger and according to The Times of India a Bollywood movie deal may be on the way. The movie would be live action and if made in Pakistan would use Ainy Jaffri the voice actress for the show, but if filmed in India they would use a strong and physically fit woman.