Are Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit teaming for a remake of the 1952 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movie The Stooge? That’s what an inside source has revealed to Who Censored Roger Rabbit? author Gary K. Wolf, who reports the news under pen name “Walter Windchill”. Mickey would take on Martin’s role of a failing solo performer who realizes his act needs a “stooge,” the Lewis role to be filled by Roger. According to Wolf, the film will incorporate five specific locations from Disneyland and will introduce the Toon Train, a new mode of transportation throughout Toontown. Wolf adds to the intrigue by saying Walt Disney and Orson Welles will be characters in the film. Disney and Pixar are allegedly evaluating a development proposal, considering directors and writers for the project. Stay “tooned” for more on this rumor.

Update: Bleeding Cool has noticed that the posts on Gary K. Wolf’s website are a mixture of fact – such as news of the upcoming Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Blu-ray – and complete fiction. Unless Disney says otherwise, perhaps it’s best to file the Stooge remake under the latter category.