The Snow Queen appears to be a popular story to adapt into animation. News about Disney’s Frozen skims the web like an early frost, but another adaptation from Russia melts away in the morning light from too little publicity. Keeping the same name as Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, Deadline says that Vertical Entertainment has bought the US rights to distribute the film. Western fans might recognize the Russian distributor and co-producer Timur Bekmambetov, with credits to his name as 9 and Kikoriki Team Invincible. He released the film in Russia under his company the Bazelevs Group. Made in Stereoscopic 3D, The Snow Queen was released in in late 2012 in several countries already. It follows Andersen’s original plot embellished with comic relief sidekicks that dominate the plot more so than the protagonists. Wait for the US coming sometime in the future as well as a planned sequel for winter 2014. Enjoy the trailer in the meantime from