Month: May 2012 – page 2

Help My Beastly ABC!

Former Disney Supervising Animator Ken Duncan’s Duncan Studio is currently working on an exciting app to teach kids the ABC’s but also about the monsters they fear so much. They are raising some money via kickstarter to help with the production. They only have 7 days to go and have raised only 50% for now. […]

Maurice Sendak Joins The Wild Things At 83

Sorry for being a little slow on the uptake, but Where The Wild Things Are author Maurice Sendak passed away at 83. The NY Times has a in-depth article on his life. Sendak is renowned for turning the world of children’s literature upside down. His books are some of the first to depict kids as […]

Brave gets PG rating

Disney and Pixar’s Brave has been rated PG for “scary action and some rude humor,” according to The movie marks only the third time that Pixar has gotten such a rating for one of their films. It opens everywhere this June.

Family Guy and American Dad both renewed

Fans of Stan Smith and Stewie Griffin won’t have to worry about them going away anytime soon. THR is reporting that FOX has ordered new seasons for both Family Guy and American Dad this fall, bringing the hit cartoon shows to their 11th and 8th seasons respectively. The Cleveland Show, on the other hand, might be […]

X-Men Anime

Marvel Comics’ uncanny heroes get adapted into a Japanese cartoon series. Great visuals, intense action, and strong characterization make this a worthy effort that should make most fans happy.

McDonald’s Gundam Toys, Go!

McDonald’s makes mecha history by giving away Gundam toys in their Happy Meals…but only in Japan where they are called Happy Sets. Anime News Network has the basic rundown. The Happy Set toys will feature miniature mecha and trading cards from Mobile Suit Gundam UC and Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Japanese McDonalds will release the […]

Disney’s The Avengers drops jaws with massive $200 million opening

“Hulk smash…box office!” Everyone expected for The Avengers to be big, but no one had any idea just how big. According to THR, Disney’s The Avengers absolutely shattered box office records this weekend, earning the biggest opening weekend of all time with a whopping take of $200 million. To put into perspective just how big […]

Trailer for UTV Disney India release Arjun

A brand new full trailer for India’s UTV produced animated feature Arjun: The Warrior Prince is now available to watch online. A rough translation for the Hindi language trailer is offered by Cartoon Brew and can be found here. “The untold story of India’s greatest warrior” has been in development for a while, much before […]

Shazzan: The Complete Series

More 1960s Hanna-Barbera fun from Warner Archive, as two siblings find themselves in ancient Arabia among much magic and myth.

Brad Bird directing top secret project for Disney

Brad Bird is set to helm something called 1952 for Disney, a top secret project that is intended to be a tentpole release for the studio, Deadline is reporting. Nothing whatsoever is known about the movie, except that it has “multi-platform aspirations,” meaning that Disney is hoping that it can be translated into theme park attractions, […]

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest : Season One, Volume Two

Warner comes to the rescue for the rest of the beleaguered show’s initial “season”: globetrotting adventure in a classic vein, with a modern twist. Shaky video and animation, but we do get bonus material!

Amazon Studios Wants You!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the world’s biggest online shopping market wants you! And not just you, but your creative ideas for TV comedies and television shows. CinemaBlend reports that Amazon is searching for new content. TV writers are invited to post their scripts for Amazon staff review. One of the great things about this […]

Steve Coogan joins a Despicable cast

British funnyman Steve Coogan (Percy Jackson, The Other Guys) will lend his voice to a currently unknown role in Universal’s upcoming Despicable Me 2. Coogan joins a cast that includes Al Pacino, Steve Carrell and Kristen Wigg. Wigg voiced the nasty orphanage owner Miss Hatie in the original Me, but she may be voicing a […]

Fox Animation Buys Rights To The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom

Fox Animation, according to CinemaBlend, has bought the movie rights to The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom, a children’s book by Christopher Healy. The book takes an opposite approach the the standard Disney fairytale by focusing on the princes’ POV rather than the princesses. Healy’s book wasn’t released to the public until May 1, […]

The Pirates flounder at box office

Despite great reviews The Pirates! Band of Misfits had a disappointing weekend at the box office. While coming in a better than some expected 2nd place the film only earned $11.1 million according to Box Office Mojo. That tally is the worst ever opening for Aardman on this side of the pond. It’s not all […]