December 11, 2009 — As The Princess And The Frog opens, Jeremie speaks to author Jeff Kurtti about his new Art Of book, plus review catch-ups for Prep & Landing, I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown and Superman: The Complete Animated Series!

Well, it’s finally here (again, after a limited opening in New York and Los Angeles), Disney’s grand return to traditional animation. Although many international countries ridiculously have to wait until the new year, if you’re in the US, where the film has just opened wide, I have one question for you: what the heck are you doing reading this when you should be out right now making The Princess And The Frog a hit!?

We’re celebrating in style with a lot of Princess content on the way, but to start us off, Jeremie Noyer’s latest exclusive interview sees him discussing The Art Of The Princess And The Frog book with its author Jeff Kurtti, presented in a fun way like the kinds of bonus DVD features (and before that for LaserDisc) Mr Kurtti used to produce for Disney Home Video. The pictures aren’t too shabby, either!

We’ve also just posted the Never Knew I Needed music video from the film’s end credit song in our Media line-up, so be sure to catch that too.

Our reviews keep on coming as well: earlier this week, Randall advised that Warners’ new I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown: Remastered Deluxe Edition was an improvement over Paramount’s old disc, and I was surprised and impressed with Bruce Timm’s take on the Man Of Steel in Superman: The Complete Animated Series.

Rodney’s also been keeping his eyes glued to the TV, for a look at Disney’s new animated holiday special Prep & Landing, which he calls “probably one of the funniest new Christmas specials created in recent years”. It reminds me of a joke: Who is Santa’s favorite singer? Elvish!

I should be reported to ’elf and safety for that one…ouch! Have a great weekend! — Ben.