We’ve a couple of new reviews to round out the week and just in time for some light weekend reading!

First up, I was almost impressed by Zack Snyder’s movie take on Frank Miller’s graphic novel retelling of the battle of the three hundred Spartans that defended their gates from a massive Persian invasion, now out in a 300: 2-disc Widescreen Edition. The film plays with both history and Miller’s original to deliver a pounding experience that, like Sin City before it, was shot in a special effects stage and augmented with computer enhanced characters and backgrounds. The results are an often stunning melding of techniques though it’s not always seamless or consistent.

300 is, however, far, far better than the total dross I found myself trapped watching in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, which was infinitely less impressive. I mention in the review that I obviously didn’t “get” the Aqua Teen world, or reason for being, though must reiterate that, ultimately, I’m not sure there’s really anything to get. Watching the likes of 300 and Hunger Force back to back certainly made for an “interesting” double bill…though I only suggest you check out the Spartan’s adventures and leave the ATHF to their own devices. Oops…I shouldn’t mention ATHF and “devices” in the same sentence, right?

Have a great weekend! – Ben.