Just time for a quick mid-week update and to plug Randall Cyrenne’s latest review, for Star Trek: The Animated Series, which I recently claimed was one of my own favorite TV-on-DVD box set releases of last year. The show has aged well, and Paramount have sourced amazingly clean and vibrant prints and taken obvious care with the release, even suggesting that it enters the Trek universe as official continuity. Highly recommended for those interested!

In other site updates, our own Josh Armstrong has posted some Invincible Iron Man store exclusives, marking the release just this past Tuesday for the latest in the run of direct-to-DVD Marvel comics features, and a new interview with director Frank Nissen. He’s the guy who has taken on one of Disney’s most cherished films to provide it with a new angle in Cinderella III: A Twist In Time, and here he talks about following in the footsteps of that classic feature and the choices his crew faced during production. Look for our full review of Cinders III on the site soon.

That’s all folks, for now at least! – Ben.