As promised (it went up late last night) is my take on the motion-captured graphic novel-styled Renaissance, fresh on DVD from Miramax Films. Does it break the trend of unconvincing human movements generated by those crazy dotted outfits? Nope, unfortunately, but the heavy black/white light and shading helps disguise things somewhat. Even though, the lacklustre future noir story doesn’t really push the boat out and capture the imagination, Blade Runner style, leaving us a film that’s unique to look at, but without much substance in those blackly, dark shadows…

A little while ago, I noted some price drops from Amazon on certain Hanna-Barbera sets. Well, even better is what looks to be a clearing stock sale to be rid of some older titles, including several well recommended ones and animation releases you may have been waiting for such a price drop on. Here are my personal picks of the bunch, many from just $5.99:

amz-dvd-sale.jpgA.I. – Artificial Intelligence: 2-Disc Special Edition – $5.99

Minority Report: Widescreen 2-Disc Special Edition – $6.99

Popeye (1980 live-action movie): Widescreen – $5.99

Lemony Snicket’s Unfortunate Events: Widescreen – $6.99

Election (wickedly acerbic black comedy): Wide – $5.99

Rat Race: Special Collector’s Edition – $5.99

Cool World: Widescreen Edition – $5.99

Evolution: Special Widescreen Edition – $5.49

Forrest Gump: 2-Disc Collector’s Edition – $9.49

Sunset Boulevard: Special Collector’s Edition – $7.99

Clue: Widescreen Edition – $7.99

Shrek 2: Widescreen Edition – $12.99

Buying through these direct links helps boost the old Animated News & Views coffers and keeps the content coming, and as always we appreciate your support. You might have noticed the 1980 Popeye movie among that lot, which comes recommended as next week’s full review will testify, when we’ll also have a few more spinach-powered surprises for you too!

Have a great weekend! – Ben.