Proving just how great computer animation can be, I’ve just posted my take on Pixar’s absolutely terrific Ratatouille, which comes to disc with a superb transfer but very little else to get excited about. I enjoyed the first half of the new Your Friend The Rat short, but it’s true to say that in all the excitement over the fact that it’s traditionally drawn, it does outstay its welcome. The other bonus features don’t amount to much, though director Brad Bird’s comments on some deleted scenes show just why he’s perhaps the best animation helmer out there today. Also included is Gary Rystrom’s cartoon Lifted, but if you want to hear what he has to say about his film, you’ll need to pick up the concurrently released Pixar Short Films Collection, my full review of which was posted yesterday. While it’s nice to have these films grouped together, this isn’t really an essential buy, at least at the expensive price and with some questions over transfers. We’ll very likely see these films surface again in a better edition and for the limited extras, it might be one to pass on unless you really need all those shorts in one place.

We also posted the winner of our TailSpin giveaway, so congrats to Anita McCarl, who wins a copy of Volume 2!

Finally today, with the Thanksgiving weekend upon us, I’d urge you all to run out and catch Disney’s Enchanted (if you haven’t already!) and support the return of hand drawn animated princesses to the big screen!

Happy Thanksgiving! – Ben.