Month: June 2006 – page 2

Aladdin most controversial animated ever?

In a piece titled “The 25 Most Controversial Movies Ever,” Entertainment Weekly places Disney’s traditionally animated classic Aladdin in the 25th spot, making it the only animated film in the list. The reason for such is revealed in the following statement: “The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee balked at a lyric describing the film’s Arabian setting as […]

Imagi gets Gatchaman

Variety via Superhero Hype reports that Hong Kong-based Imagi Entertainment will produce a computer animated movie adaptation of the 70’s television series Gatchaman. “The film will retain the series’ five caped superheroes, known as the Intl. Science Organization, and pitch them in a new story against their frequent nemesis Galactor.” Kevin Munroe will write and […]

Before The Meltdown

The official Blue Sky Studios page presents a list of gag alternate titles “considered” for their hit Ice Age: The Meltdown by adding an icy spin to the titles of many well-known classic and current hits.

Cars box office viewpoint

Chuck Oberleitner gives a plausible reason for the somewhat less than expected box office take last weekend for Disney/Pixar’s Cars. The film “lapped the competition this past weekend to claim the number one spot atop the North American box office. For some analysts, the Cars’ $60.1 million take was disappointing. Is it possible some of […]

Disney 2007

Jim Hill reveals some semi-official plot descriptions for four big 2007 Disney releases: Meet the Robinsons, Pirates of the Caribbean III: World’s End, Ratatouille, and Enchanted. Tread carefully as some of the information could be considered spoilers.

In step with Jerry Beck

Animation World Network has a biographic piece on Jerry Beck, animation’s Jack-of-all-trades. In a career spanning three decades Jerry Beck has filled the roles of animation historian, film preservationist, promoter of animation festivals and events, and author, and is now the producer of Hornswiggle.

Bridging the gap between 2D and CG

The animation team of Angie Jones and Jamie Oliff have written in to inform us of their new book due for release on June 27: Thinking Animation: Bridging the Gap Between 2D and CG. “Learn how to think before you animate. Thinking Animation is a one-of-a-kind book that emphasizes how artists can use traditional animation […]

ILM "in talks" to sell physical production unit

Variety writes that Lucasfilm is looking to unload the physical production unit of special effects dynamo Industrial Light & Magic. This move marks the end of the company’s origins as a models-and-miniatures special effects house. The article notes, “With the shift to digital effects, Lucasfilm has found it difficult to keep that portion of the […]

Cars speeds up in ticket sells

Although it debuted with weekend ticket sales weaker than those of its recent Pixar brethern, Cars outperformed The Incredibles, regarding first Monday and Tuesday numbers. The Internet Movie Database indicates that Cars gathered $6,445,000 on Monday, compared to the $3,802,000 that The Incredibles brought in on its first Monday. On Tuesday, Cars collected 5,820,000 versus […]

Early glimpse of A Looney Tunes Christmas

After veiwing a “chunk” of the movie, The Animation Guild Blog sends praise toward Bah Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas. The site has this to say about the latest version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: “It’s quite nicely done. The animation and design are good, and production values are first rate.” Bah Humduck! A Looney […]

Cover artwork: Ninja Turtles – Volume 5

Prominently posing Raphael, the cover artwork for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Volume 5 is now up at TV Shows on DVD. The Lionsgate package will arrive on store shelves this August 29th.

Coraline finds poster, neighbors in French and Saunders

The Oregonian reports that British comedy duo Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders will play “two eccentric neighbors” in Laika Entertainment’s Coraline. To be distributed by Focus Features, the movie likewise stars the voices of Teri Hatcher and Dakota Fanning. An early poster for Coraline has also made its way online, featuring traditional concept artwork. The […]

TV DVD news: Quick Draw McGraw, Wally Gator, Smurfs

TV Shows on DVD has the lowdown on the delay of both Quick Draw McGraw and Wally Gator to DVD. In a recent Home Theater Forum online chat, Warner Bros. explained, “They were pulled because significant remastering work needed to be researched. We are exploring adding them back to the schedule next year.” That same […]

Spotlight focuses on Catmull and Ratzenberger

The Los Angeles Times focuses on the inspiration and philosophies of Dr. Ed Catmull, president of the combined Pixar and Disney animation studios. Respectfully referring to the ideas as “Ed-isms,” the four-page piece notices Catmull’s theories that are continuing to shape Pixar – and now Walt Disney Feature Animation – in the right direction. Meanwhile, […]

Breakdown of 2006 Annecy International Animation Festival

Through Yahoo! Movies, Reuters covers France’s Annecy International Animation Festival. The winning feature film this year was director Christian Volckman’s Renaissance, a black-and-white futuristic thriller. The festival marked an especially special occasion this time around, as eight French animated films were completed in 2005 – a number double the amount of any previous year. In […]

Date unveiled for Ice Age: The Meltdown DVD

Davis DVD indicates the blockbuster sequel Ice Age: The Meltdown will hit stores on November 21st. Specifics for the DVD have yet to be announced.

Rumor mill: Pinkava replaces Peterson as Ratatouille co-director?

For some time, Jan Pinkava was credited as the sole director of next year’s Disney/Pixar flick, Ratatouille. However, it was announced last spring that Brad Bird had taken over the project. Soon afterward, word arrived that Bob Peterson would serve co-directing duties for Ratatouille. That latter piece of information was found through The Internet Movie […]

Pics: Arthur and the Invisibles

Latino Review displays several new photos from the live-action aspect of Arthur and the Invisibles, formerly known as Arthur and the Minimoys. The tale will enter theaters on January 12, 2007.

Lionsgate lives Happily N'Ever After

Lionsgate has purchased domestic and Canadian rights to Happily N’Ever After, a CGI family film that poses a satirical Hoodwinked-type spin on the story of Cinderella. The news comes courtesy of Variety/Coming Soon. Directed by Paul J. Bolger and written by Robert Moreland, Happily N’Ever After will be released during the first quarter of next […]

Paramount, Nickelodeon catch Mayfly

Variety, via Coming Soon, reports that writing duo Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick have sold a pitch to Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies, concerning a children’s computer animated movie. Produced by Nickelodeon Movies executive Julia Pistor, Mayfly centers on: “The insects have a very short lifespan, with some living only for one day. The story […]

Spider-Man and Iron Man return to animated form

In an interview with, Avi Arad, an independent producer for Marvel Enterprises, reveals that a new Spider-Man animated series is in the works. Likewise, he says that an Iron Man animated series will likely be produced after the live-action film’s release.

New Ant Bully scene online

Another video clip from the computer animated adventure The Ant Bully is showcased at Cartoon Network’s official website. Titled “Turn It Down a Notch,” the scene involves a “pair of sleep-deprived ants [getting] even with their noisy neighbor.”

Rumor mill: Little Mermaid III cancelled?

When the deletion of the film’s entry at The Internet Movie Database was noticed, a search was conducted to find the latest lowdown on The Little Mermaid III. As it turns out, according to Wikipedia, The Little Mermaid III: Melody’s Story has been “scrapped.” Until the news has been confirmed, one should take this report […]

Trailer: Cinderella III

You Tube hosts the trailer for Cinderella III, as seen in last October’s Platinum Edition DVD of the first film. In other news regarding the sequel, Wikipedia currently lists the subtitle for Cinderella III as “The Reverse of Time.” Time will tell if the title is true. Update! An Animated-News reader has written in that […]

What The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything will do

At the official website of Big Idea, Inc., a press release announcing the Universal Pictures distribution of The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything – A VeggieTales Movie provides a synopsis for the movie. The plot description is especially detailed regarding the beginning of the film. Pirates will sail into theaters early 2008.

U.S. weekend box office estimates: June 9–11, 2006

According to weekend estimates, Disney/Pixar’s Cars took first place at the weekend box office, bringing in approximately $62,800,000 from 3,985 theaters. On average, the film gathered around $15,759 per theater. Meanwhile, Over the Hedge entered the chart’s fifth position, with about $10,301,000. From 3,527 theaters, the movie averaged $2,920 per site. Thus far, the DreamWorks […]

TV Spots: Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

The Movie Box points to four television spots for Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, posted at You Tube. The feline film will claw into theaters this Friday.

Poster: Barnyard #2

A low-resolution version of the latest poster for Paramount/Nickelodeon’s Barnyard has been discovered at eBay. The movie will open in cinemas on August 4th.

Rumor mill: American Dog cast?

Once again, Wikipedia is home to casting news, with the truth of such tidbits still unknown. This time, the word revolves around Walt Disney Feature Animation’s American Dog. The site indicates that John Travolta and Thomas Haden Church have joined the project, while Mario Cantone is also on board as the voice of “Cat.” It […]

Ratatouille website online

The official teaser website for Ratatouille is online now, as noticed by Upcoming Pixar. Not much currently resides at the site, except the film’s trailer, logo, release date, and a periodical reminder of the title’s pronunciation.