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Surf's Up for Zooey Deschanel

With Sci-Fi Wire, Zooey Deschanel reflects on her experience as a voice actress for Sony Pictures Animation’s 2007 project Surf’s Up. “It’s awesome, because they bring us in [together]. I think it’s the first animated movie where they bring all the actors in all together. Usually, you record your parts separately,” says Deschanel, who plays […]

Lady and the Tramp DVD screenshots continue

Preparing for next week’s release of the Lady and the Tramp Platinum Edition DVD, Ultimate Disney continues its series of screenshots from the 2-disc set, offering seven more pics from the package.

Best Animated Feature breakdown

The Numbers has put together a brief look at this year’s race for the Best Animated Feature Academy Award. The information includes several links to synopses and movie data as well as a look at previous Oscar appearances by the current nominees. The site also is running an Oscar competition featuring a Curious George prize […]

China bans animated/live-action hybrids

On February 15th, the Chinese government issued a vague notice banning films and TV shows that mix animation with live-action. The AP through reports that the ban is an attempt to minimize western influences on the Communist nation’s children as well as “promote the development and prosperity of the cartoon industry in China.” While […]

The Gadgetress opines on A Scanner Darkly

The Orange County Register’s Gadgetress Tamara Chuang has posted a review and pictures at her blog about the trailer for the Keanu Reeves vehicle A Scanner Darkly, a movie that is itself set in “the O.C.” The film uses “interpolated rotoscoping . . . to create a haunting, highly stylized vision of the future.”

"I Want My Maypo!"

For your daily nostalgia fix, check out four classic Maypo commercials from the 1950’s and 1960’s, as mentioned at Cartoon Brew. The commercials were produced with the explicit intention of killing off a poorly selling cereal product. Ironically, the campaign was so successful that sales of Maypo brand oatmeal went through the roof.

DC Toy Fair photos

Scott from Now Playing Magazine has informed us of new DC Toy Fair photos that have been posted online which feature figures from the Fantastic Four animated series, figures from classic Warner Bros. cartoons, and figures “inspired” by Cartoon Network’s Clone Wars series.

DeBlois' Banshee update

AICN has some information on Lilo and Stitch director Dean DeBlois’ coming live action Disney film The Banshee and Fin Magee. “The story centers on a little boy who is an outcast and is always pretending to be a ghost. He comes into contact with a real spirit who is being pursued by an evil […]

\\Stuart Little 3\\ gets animated on DVD

\\Stuart Little 3: Call Of The Wild\\ debuts on DVD today, moving from live action (with some CG characters) to this fully CG animated version which uses toon shading to create a 2D feel. In his third outing, Stuart can’t wait to spend his entire vacation canoeing, hiking and finding his inner scout. But, there […]

Lasseter honored at VES awards show

At the fourth annual Visual Effects Society awards ceremony, John Lasster was honored with the Georges Melies Award, a lifetime achievement award. The accolade was presented to Lasseter due to his “pioneering, significant, and lasting contributions to the art and science of the visual effects industry.” At Jim Hill Media, Chuck Oberleitner offers pictures and […]

Another French Ice Age 2 poster

One more French poster for Ice Age 2: The Meltdown – this one focusing its spotlight on the curious critter Scrat – has popped up at the Internet Movie Poster Awards.

Biography: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

At News from Me, Mark Evanier has written a biography for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was recently acquired by The Walt Disney Company. The piece follows Oswald’s roots and current standing, while also lending a look at past posters and comics promoting the funny bunny.

DVD news: Fairy Idol, Masters of the Universe

DVDtoons unveils the cover artwork for Fairly Oddparents: Fairy Idol, flying to DVD on May 23rd. Meanwhile, TV Shows on DVD offers insight regarding the 6-disc DVD set of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Season 2, Volume 1, which contains the first 33 episodes of the series’ second season. He-Man will invade […]

Review: Ultimate Avengers DVD

Coming Soon gives its two cents on the Ultimate Avengers DVD, hitting stores tomorrow. “While I think kids and adults will enjoy The Ultimates, comic fans are going to enjoy it on a whole different level from everyone else. Unfortunately, they’ll also be the ones who are familiar with The Ultimates and know what the […]

Mary Sklar steps down as principal creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

The Los Angeles Times, via Toon Zone, indicates that Mary Sklar is resigning from his post as principal creative executive of Walt Disney Imagineering. At the age of 72, Sklar had the pleasure of working closely with Walt Disney himself. He had planned to retire following “two milestones”: Disneyland’s 50th anniversary and the 50th anniversary […]

Cars Daytona TV spot

The latest Cars television spot, themed for Daytona, is available to view at Inside Line. Formats for the video include Real Player and Windows Media.

Gym Partner premiere on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network informs us: “Our newest original series, My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, will premiere next Friday, Feb. 24, at 9 p.m. Because of the holiday on Monday, Feb. 20, there also will be a sneak-peak at 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to whet viewer appetites. Set in an all-animal middle school, this […]

Animex Student Animation Awards 2006 results

The winners and runners up for the Animex Student Animation Awards were announced at Animex Talk! on Friday 10 February 2006 by Shelley Page, European Representative for Feature Animation DreamWorks, David Sproxton and Philip Hunt.

Annie photos

The photo gallery at the official Annie Awards site has been updated with pictures of the proud winners at the recent 33rd Annual ceremony. A few more photos can be found at the ASIFA-Hollywood Blog and here:

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

The first animated movie from the Marvel/Lionsgate deal is a good start, solidly adapting the first storyline from Marvel’s Ultimates comic book.

Britain's Oscars…the BAFTAs are awarded

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts presented their awards to the international film industry this Sunday evening. The BBC has the full {{link list of winners}} online. Taking home prizes for animation were Nick Park and company for the Best British Film, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, while Fallen […]

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Tim Burton returns to his roots with this stop-motion wonder.

Bambi II

Does the final result reflect the good word of mouth this project picked up in production? We take a look at Bambi’s return to the screen…

Podcast roundup

The first of a three-part interview with Pixar writer/director Andrew Stanton can be found at Spline Doctors. The first podcast at o-meon has interviews from the red carpet at the 33rd Annual Annie Awards, including chit chat with Nick Park, Brad Bird, Tom Kenny, and filmmakers Dan Lund and Tony West. Also check out the […]

Doogal official site

The official site for Doogal is now open. The small movie with the big name voice cast opens in theaters on February 24.

RIP, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez

At the age of 80, comedian Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez died on February 6, at his Culver City, California home. His death came as the result of natural causes, according to his grandson, actor Clifton Collins Jr. Gonzalez Gonzalez exercised his voice acting when taking the roles Speedy Gonzales in the short Mucho Locos (1966), Speedy […]

Visit Planet One

CGCHAR presents some new info and pictures regarding Planet One, written by Joe Stillman. Produced by Ilion Studios for near $50 million, the movie is a co-production between Worldwide Biggies, Inc and Ilion. Planet One’s synopsis is: “On Planet One, the locals have two antenna, eight fingers and tons of fear about alien invaders. They […]

Cover Art: Little Mermaid Platinum Edition DVD

Ultimate Disney offers a sneak peek at the cover artwork for the Little Mermaid Platinum Edition DVD, swimming into stores on October 3rd.

Bambi II sells 2.6 million units on DVD

At Coming Soon, a press release from Buena Vista Home Entertainment announces that Disney’s latest direct-to-video project, Bambi II, has proven popular with audiences. Since its debut last week, the film has sold over 2.6 million units on DVD in North America. “The success of Bambi II is very exciting,” responded Sharon Morrill, President of […]

Personnel changes at Disney

C. W. Oberleitner discusses the appointment of longtime animation producer Don Hahn as interim head of Walt Disney Feature Animation in A Tale of Two Divisions and the future of Marty Sklar, Vice Chairman and Principal Creative Executive for Walt Disney Imagineering, Marty Moves On at