Month: November 2004

More Mickey Mouse in Black and White menus

The menu screens from Disc 2 (which are formatted completely different from the ones on Disc 1) of Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Volume 2 can be found here:

Narnia movie poster stand unveiled

NarniaWeb has an exclusive photo of the beautiful movie poster stand for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. One can see the six-foot display in some Cinemark theaters on the west coast.

Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Volume Two menu shots

While it is unfortunate that the packaging is cheaper and not completely consistent with earlier waves, the upcoming Wave 4 of the Walt Disney Treasures series still has plenty of great content. Follow the ‘More’ link to view four menu screens from Disc 1 of Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Volume Two and stay […]

Only two animated films in the top twenty most viewed films of all time

The British site Sky News has posted a list recently of the Top 20 most viewed movies of all time. The list only looks at total viewings by UK citizens. It does not look at critics ratings or financial intake. Only two animated films (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at No. 3 and The […]

International poster for Robots online

An international poster for Robots has appeared on eBay. Robots will storm into U.S. theaters on March 11, 2005.

\\The Smurfs\\ returning to TV in 2005

{{link}} reports that DIC Entertainment has acquired the broadcast rights to 26 half-hour episodes of the classic cartoon series \\The Smurfs\\. “\\The Smurfs\\ will begin airing in January 2005 on the top-rated DIC Kid’s Network, a unique three-hour programming block designed to provide stations with children’s programming that meets ‘core’ FCC requirements. DIC […]

Cheech Marin in \\Cars\\, talks about story

{{link}} notes that Cheech Marin has said in an interview that he is part of the cast for Pixar’s \\Cars\\. His character, named Ramon, is “the auto–body shop, paintjob and interior type guy. He’s a ’58 Chevy and every time you see him he’s got a new look, a new paintjob, new interior; […]

Three animated films remain in top five

The three animated films released this month all remain in the top 5 at the box office this week according to {{link Box Office Mojo}}. \\The Incredibles\\ held steady at #2 with $24 million ($214.7 million total). With the unofficial start of the Christmas season this past weekend \\The Polar Express\\ charged past \\The […]

Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse In Black And White, Volume Two

The Mouse returns to complete his filmography on DVD with this fantastic second helping of black-and-white cartoons that rounds out the full four-tin set of Mickey’s films in the Disney Treasures collection.

Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse In Black And White Volume 2 review!

In the first of their reviews on this year’s animated releases in the new Walt Disney Treasures line, DVD Toons {{link takes an in-depth look}} at the second collection of black and white Mickey Mouse shorts. “What’s great this time around is that, with all the more famous and requested shorts out of the […]

Gargoyles: The Complete First Season review now online!

Ultimate Disney has a fabulous review of the 2-disc season set of Gargoyles, due in stores on December 7th. Certainly an event for Gargoyles fans, the set also marks a Disney milestone, as this is the first Disney animated series to be released in a complete season format. As the review puts it, “Whether or […]

Networks airing computer animated films tonight

Tonight is a great night for animation fans as two broadcast networks are airing two popular computer animated films. NBC will air DreamWorks’ \\Shrek\\, while FOX will air Twentieth Century Fox/Blue Sky’s \\Ice Age\\. Both begin at 7pm ET (barring sporting events running late). And for those able to receive it, both will air in […]

\\The Incredibles\\ tops $200 million

According to {{link Box Office Mojo}} estimates \\The Incredibles\\ topped the $200 million mark on Friday. The take is just below \\Finding Nemo\\, which had earned $213 million by its 22nd day of release, and well behind \\Shrek 2\\, which had earned $325 million by its 22nd day of release. \\The Incredibles\\’ box office […]

New Pooh and Mask trailers

Head on over to Apple’s Movie Trailers page and catch TV-level animation in the full trailer for {{link Pooh’s Heffalump Movie}} and the new preview for the animation-inspired sequel {{link Son Of The Mask}}. “Somebody, stop them!”

Frank Thomas remembered

Animation World Network has an exclusive new article collecting remembrances of animation great Frank Thomas from many of today’s heavyweights in the animation industry, including John Canemaker, John Lasseter, Leonard Maltin, Tom Sito, Andreas Deja, Gary Goldman, Ron Clements, Gene Deitch, and more.

First look at Valiant!

Valiant, the CGI film being produced at England’s Ealing Studios by John H Williams, and who Disney see as a potential replacement for Pixar when that partnership ends next year, has seen its first teaser trailer sneaked online. Debuting without much fanfare, the clip plays perhaps a little too strongly on current Brit-com favorite Ricky […]

New Jim Henson figure goes on sale

A new figure celebrating Jim Henson is now on sale from Palisades Toys, makers of the acclaimed Muppet series of action figures. Head on over to the direct-sale {{link Palisades store}} to check it out and place an order!

Walt Disney Treasures: series cut backs in new wave

Though the content is as strong as ever, the new wave of the acclaimed Walt Disney Treasures has a number of disappointments in store for long-time series collectors. In another display of a Disney DVD line not following the style design laid out in previous editions, the new wave will definitely not feature the wraparound […]

Pete Docter to lead production of English Castle

During a press conference held by Howl’s Moving Castle producer Toshio Suzuki, an announcement was made that Pete Docter (director of Monsters, Inc.) will lead production of the English version of Howl’s Moving Castle. John Lasseter, the first choice to head the production, was unable to work on the film, due to his involvement with […]

Sky Captain franchise still in the air?

Latino Review indicates that despite Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow doing only moderate business in theaters, the possibility of another Sky Captain film still remains. Jude Law states, “Yeah, I think there might be. I don’t really plan that far ahead. Obviously, I’m here with this film and I’m in rehearsals for another.” […]

Interview: Transformers screenwriter John Rogers

IGN FilmForce chats with Transformers screenwriter John Rogers, concerning the theatrical version of the popular toy, comic book and cartoon franchise.

Robots to open simultaneously in both IMAX® and conventional theatres

Coming Soon reports that the IMAX Corporation and Twentieth Century Fox announced today that the upcoming CGI flick Robots will open simultaneously in both IMAX® and conventional theatres on March 11, 2005. Robots marks the first day-and-date IMAX DMR release to open in the spring, thus increasing IMAX’s 2005 commercial film slate. Bruce Snyder, President, […]

Thankful for toons: Macy's parade site now up

Macy’s now has a page at their site dedicated to tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with Sponge Bob and Chicken Little figuring in very prominently, amongst other animated characters.

Harryhausen HD Triple Feature to air

{{link Monster HD}}, one of the Voom satellite television service original channels, will air a special Ray Harryhausen Triple Feature on Tuesday, November 30. The three films running back to back to back are \\It Came from Beneath the Sea\\, \\The Three Worlds of Gulliver\\, and \\One Million Years B.C\\. All the films will […]

Disney Store acquisition completed

Retailer {{link The Children’s Place}} has announced that it has successfully completed its previously announced acquisition of the Disney Store retail chain in North America. Ezra Dabah, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Children’s Place said, “We believe that the Disney brand together with our retail expertise will be a powerful and profitable […]

Hong Kong Disneyland to open in September

\\{{link,1,7240083.story The L.A. Times}}\\ reports that Disney has consulted a feng shui master to determine the opening date for Hong Kong Disneyland – September 12, 2005. The park’s group managing director Don Robinson said, “A lot of our work has gone through feng shui masters”. He added that they “assured us that Sept. 12 […]

Director, writer named for \\Harry Potter 5\\

Two relative newcomers will direct and write the fifth installment of the popular \\Harry Potter\\ film franchise according to a \\Variety\\ report at {{link Cinema Confidential}}. \\Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix\\ will be directed by David Yates with a screenplay by Michael Goldenberg. Yates, who is more known for his televison […]

\\Lil' Pimp\\ finally heading for release?

{{link Cartoon Brew}}’s Jerry Beck reports that the long-suffering aways-in-limbo \\Lil’ Pimp\\ will finally see the light of release. On January 11th, 2005, the R-rated Flash made film, originally planned as a theatrical feature, will be released on DVD. Beck succinctly sums up the production’s troubled backstory: “It has a disasterous production history, stories […]

FOX to air banned episode of \\Family Guy\\

According to \\{{link The Hollywood Reporter}}\\, FOX will be airing an episode of \\Family Guy\\ that they once banned because of anti-Semitic concerns. Titled \\When You Wish Upon a Weinstein\\ and set for broadcast at 9:30pm ET December 10, “sources said the network was emboldened to air the episode because it has already run […]

\\SpongeBob\\ opens at #2; animated films rake in the cash

{{link Box Office Mojo}} reports that \\The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie\\ opened with $32 million this weekend, coming in second to \\National Treasure\\’s $35.1 million. {{link Nick Movies}} notes that the take shatters “the previous record held by \\The Rugrats Movie\\ in 1998 at $27.3 million… to make it the strongest opening ever for […]