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Shrek 2 breaks another record, in France

DreamWorks SKG Fansite reports that Shrek 2 broke box office records on it’s opening day in Paris, France, attracting 78,069 seats in comparison to Finding Nemo‘s draw of 50,261 seats. Grossing $39 million overseas and $382 million in North America, expect Shrek 2‘s domestic total to be around $410-420 million, with the overseas total being […]

Poppins DVD looking good

Okay, here we go: {{link Showbiz Data}} is the first to announce that the 2-disc Special Editon of Mary Poppins is going to be “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. Speaking briefly to star Julie Andrews, she says that she was “staggered” watching the film again while recording an audio commentary. “It’s not at all creaky; it’s not at […]

DVD Toons on Teacher's Pet

Weighing in with their review of Disney’s {{link Teacher’s Pet}}, DVD Toons agrees that it is better than than its box-office bomb nature suggests and deserves a second breath of life: “It’s refreshing to see good old-fashioned cartooning again, without the obvious CG distractions – everything here is refreshingly ‘lo-tech’. The story’s scope certainly […]

Disney postage stamps arrive

The Orange County Register has a brief article showing the Disney postage stamps featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, Bambi and Thumper, Mufasa and Simba from The Lion King, and Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket that have previously been reported at Animated News. Free subscription required to read article online.

Animation Nation; Dark Horse partners Image Ent.

Toon Zone has a couple of interesting links up today, including news on {{link Singapore’s upcoming Animation Nation}} festival for independent animation, and the {{link announcement}} by Dark Horse Entertainment and Image Entertainment that will see the two companies join up to produce and distribute theatrical features, direct-to-video titles, animated content and soundtracks […]

AWN on this year's Licensing…

{{link Animation World Network}} has a report on the recent Licensing Show, with a look at the new TV properties, upcoming animated features and direct-to-DVD titles. Also on the site, reviews of three new animation-related {{link books}}: Bill Plympton’s Sloppy Seconds, Gary Baseman’s Dumb Luck and Danny Fingeroth’s Superman on the Couch. Finally, […]

Review of World of Tomorrow today

In a positive, early look at Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow, Moriarty at Ain’t It Cool News writes, “Even unfinished, this is a very pure and uncomplicated piece of entertainment.” The critic goes on to say, “Is this a perfect piece of transcendent film art that will change you life? No, of course not, […]

Vivendi Announces Robots Game

‘Monkeyboy12’ in the AN Forum has posted a link to a story at video game site IGN about the game tie-in for the upcoming film. The game is being developed by Eurocom for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC and is scheduled for release along with the film in March.

Fire And Ice coming to disc

Following Fox’s release of Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards recently, it seems the director’s other fantasy epic, Fire And Ice, is also up for a DVD revival: independent company Blue Underground are listing the 1983 animated feature on their {{link Future Releases}} webpage. No details on specs, though BU are well aware of the collectors’ nature […]

AFI names best movie songs

The American Film Institute (AFI) announced their list of the {{link top 100 movie songs of all time}}. The list includes “classics of every kind – from timeless favorites of yesteryear to contemporary tunes”, with the number one song selected being “Over The Rainbow”, from The Wizard Of Oz. Other placings of interest to […]

Curious first look

Ropes of Silicon has the first picture of the well-known monkey and the Man in the Yellow Hat from Universal’s upcoming Curious George, climbing to theaters on September 30, 2005.

Pinocchio 3000 Trailer

A new trailer (in Spanish) for Filmax’s upcoming CG feature is now available online. This futuristic take on Collodi’s book is due to bow in Spain’s theaters this coming July. An English version of the movie featuring the voices of Whoopi Goldberg and Malcolm McDowell is also in the works.

Three new Incredible pictures!

Frédéric from the French Incredibles fansite, The Indestructibles, has added three new pictures to his website, under the “Infos” section! Also check out Shane Glines’ Cartoon Retro forum for more Incredible artwork and book covers!

ASIFA's 2D Expo; Looney bonuses promised

Jerry Beck, on his {{link Cartoon Brew}} website, links to the list of animated cartoon shorts to be included in the upcoming Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume Two set, and says “wait’ll you see the list of bonus materials”! Also on the site, Jerry is promoting {{link ASIFA-Hollywood’s 2D Expo}}, to be held […]

Boomerang Goes to Hollywood

Animation Insider is reporting that Boomerang, Cartoon Network’s sister network dedicated to classic animation, is planning to air 24 hours of historical shorts featuring various Hollywood actors and actresses between the 1930s and the 1950s that will air entirely commercial-free this Saturday, June 25. Boomerang will feature every single Warner Bros. animated short from the […]

TV Guide Reviews A&E's Pride

Follow the ‘More’ link for TV Guide’s review of A&E’s Pride or this link to its page at if you can catch it before it gets replaced with a review of another show. Pride (not to be confused with NBC’s Father of the Pride) is a “live-action drama [with a] seamless pairing of vivid […]

Updated: Lilo & Stitch 2-Disc Special Edition DVD specs and cover art; Aladdin Platinum Edition disc art

Commemorating the movie’s two-year anniversary of its US theatrical release, Ultimate Disney has received word of what bonus features may appear on the 2-Disc Special Edition DVD of Lilo & Stitch. Though these specs are from the film’s DVD re-release in Italy, arriving this fall, most – if not all – of the same features […]

Kung-Fu Panda still coming

Dark Horizons confirms that Kung-Fu Panda is still in the works, with word coming from Shelly Page at DreamWorks. As a guest speaker at a student film convention in Cardiff, Wales, Page not only confirmed but also described the film as “a cross between Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Pandas“.

Solomon and Matheson's stop-motion film: Hitler to be killed by Automatons

Ain’t It Cool News has the scoop on a project from writers Ed Solomon (Men in Black) and Chris Matheson (A Goofy Movie). In the stop-motion project that has already been in development for over a decade, two large, self-aware automatons have been built in World War II, with their only purpose being to kill […]

Steamboy review

AICN has a review of the upcoming Otomo’s feature Steamboy. The movie, that will open in Japan next month, tells the story of Ray, an orphan in 19th century England who accidentally comes into possession of a powerful machine. According to the review, Steamboy is “a perfect adventure film”.

AnimAICN: Stuff and nonsense, plus some ZIM and Evangelion news!

Ain’t It Cool News‘ anime feature is back with lots of release lists and scoops for anime and manga fans. Among the notables is a Platinum Collector’s Edition release for the popular series Neon Genesis Evangelion. “The highly anticipated Neon Genesis Evangelion – Platinum:01 Collector’s Edition includes the Volume 1 DVD with an exclusive metallic […]

Final poster for Spider-Man 2

Coming Soon has a look at the final one-sheet theatrical poster for Spider-Man 2, arriving just less than two weeks before the film’s release. For a look at the large image, click here!

Matt and Trey back for more

{{link}} reports that South Park‘s Trey Parker and Matt Stone are “hard at work on an R-rated action-animated spoof entitled Team America“. The only info on the film so far is the simple premise: “Marionette superheroes fight to end terrorism and put tired celebrities out of their misery”. Marc Shaiman, the duo’s musical […]

Shrek bigger than Christ; Garfield no slouch

The {{link Big Cartoon DataBase}} reports that, in its fifth week, Shrek 2 has overtaken Mel Gibson’s The Passion Of The Christ to become this year’s biggest film, also beating The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King for sixth place on the domestic {{link top ten list}}. And with almost […]

Bozzetto's Olympics

Jerry and Amid’s {{link Cartoon Brew}} links to another winner today: a Flash-animated short from director/animator Bruno Bozzetto. Be sure to watch until the very end of this Mr Otto cartoon, {{link Olympics}}, for some classic animation timing!

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2! Yes, Brunhilde and Michigan J. Frog included!

TV Shows on DVD has a full list of the cartoons to be included on the second volume of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, arriving this autumn. Though no official date has been announced, it’s a good bet that it will be released around November, as last year’s first volume was. The bad news? As […]

Want to be IN the Gargoyles DVD?

Some good news for Gargoyles fans – you could (even inadvertantly) be in the Season 1 DVD set of Gargoyles – scheduled for a 10th Anniversary release this autumn!! TV Shows on DVD relays an exciting message from Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman posted at the “Ask Greg” column of the Station 8 Gargoyles Fan Site. […]

Clone Wars on DVD in 2005?

The Digital Bits had an interesting post in their Rumor Mill on Friday – “We can’t vouch for the source, but a Star Wars fan website has information that reportedly leaked from someone who attended a recent Lucasfilm marketing meeting. Among the interesting bits of information is word that the first and second series of […]

Miyazaki Wave 2 DVD releases delayed; Takahata titles still tentative

The Digital Bits is reporting a delay in the long-awaited Region 1 DVD releases of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Porco Rosso, along with a new widescreen two-disc Special Edition of My Neighbor Totoro. They were previously announced for release on August 31st, but have now been delayed for unknown […]

Close up look at Wedge's Robots

{{link My Media’s Anima}} site has some hi-res shots of the cast of Blue Sky’s Robots, out early 2005.