Month: May 2003

The Rescuers

Disney’s transitional film, where the baton was passed from the Nine Old Men to the younger generation of artists, gets a good transfer but skimpy extras.

A Bug’s Life: Collector’s Edition

Pixar’s second animated feature is an exciting adventure story with beautiful designs, and memorable characters. It also is a great uplifting tale about rising up to one’s potential and working together.

The Complete Uncensored Private Snafu

This early DVD is not up to current day standards for cartoons on disc, but it does provide collectors the opportunity of having all these unique WWII films in one place. Looney Tunes fans should be especially interested.

The Animatrix

Some of Japan’s top animators and directors give their own take on The Matrix universe revealing and adding some great new dimensions to the film. The shorts include: Kid’s Story, Final Flight Of The Osiris, A Detective Story, The Second Renaissance Part I, The Second Renaissance Part II, World Record, Beyond, Matriculated, and Program.


The Toon Review‘s LaserDisc Archives makes sure Balto gets his dues in a look at the correctly framed widescreen edition.

The Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit

This is THE best way to collect the amazing, original three Wallace & Gromit featurettes, with lots of bonus material not found on the other versions.

Treasure Planet: Special Edition

Disney’s interplanetary adventure gets the thumbs up and a nice representation on disc.