Month: July 2002

The Quest For Camelot: Special Edition

Warner Bros. sets out to find the magic that made Disney animation so successful in the 1990s, but this Quest ends without much hope.

The Great Mouse Detective

The much requested kick-starter to Disney’s animation renaissance finds itself on DVD without a clue when it comes to bonus features!

Walt Disney Treasures: Silly Symphonies

Between 1929 and 1939, Disney released several cartoons as an experiment in the field of animation. The Silly Symphonies were created to experiment with music, animation, and color in cartoons. They were a suggestion made by Disney’s music director Carl W. Stalling to Walt Disney about cartoons without a central character and where the main focus would be on music.

The Black Cauldron: Gold Classic Collection

Disney’s darkest feature gets a welcome but barren DVD showing.

Fun And Fancy Free: Gold Classic Collection

Lots of fun to be had in this 1940s Disney “Package Feature” that combines the stories of Mickey And The Beanstalk with the circus-themed Bongo.