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Pixar's 2004 fourth-quarter earnings to be annouced today

A Tale of Treachery in the Magic Kingdom

Harryhausen Goes Ape Over Kong

Animated film director Miyazaki to get award in Venice

Weaver lends her voice to N'Ever After

Beyoncé's Oscars duet

Roundabout reprise

Review of Batman:TAS – Volume Two

Critics gnash Shark Tale DVD

Disney Dissidents to Withhold Votes

Reviews of Region 1 Winnie the Pooh TV series DVDs…

New Film Shows Demise Of Disney's Hand-Drawn Animation

Flintstones Are "Way Too Gay"

Japanese animé still hot, but South Korea in focus at Belgian festival

Fuller Turns Screw-On Head

Song of the South deserves a fresh look

Tentative U.S. release date for Howl's Moving Castle…

New review for Mulan II…

The Incredibles DVD press release; menus for Studio Ghibli Wave Two

Aladdin 2-Pack DVD review, and Disney DVD's 2005 line up

More Bambi content details…

Gargoyles: The Complete First Season review now online!

Bambi DVD teaser site…

The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bear coming to DVD

Is that you, Mr. Wonka?

The weekly Why For?

Early review of Howl's Moving Castle!

"…and then there's the other kind!" More Shadow Puppet delights…

Disney announces… the Classic Cartoon Favorites!

Studio Ghibli Wave 2 titles announced!!


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