Disney orchestrated a one-of-a-kind premiere last Saturday at the Greek theater in Los Angeles, which was turned for the occasion into a 2,000-seat outdoor movie theater; NASA Mars rovers lined the red carpet. After the screening, 30 vans shuttled guests up the hill to the Griffith Observatory for the party, which included a special setup of super-high magnification telescopes and a powerful spotlight that lit the Hollywood sign from miles away. Writer/director Andrew Stanton called his film “a sci-fi love story” that’s distinct from other Pixar pics. He told Variety: “That’s why you go to the movies: to see something different. I spend four years on these movies. I don’t want to do them twice.” John Lasseter added, “Every Pixar film is different, but they all come from the same DNA.” The industry is wondering how a near-silent movie that reportedly cost $180 million to make will fare with mass audiences… The answer in 4 days! The reviews that started leaking have been overwhelmingly positive with many applauding the artistic risks that the Pixar studio took once again. Pink News calls it a “summer movie must” with Richard Roeper stating it is “one of the best movies of the year.”