Upcomingpixar reports that unlike Pixar’s previous barebone releases of Cars and Ratatouille, WALL•E would be receiving 4 home video releases. The first being a single disc DVD which will include a directors commentary, Presto & BURN•E, deleted scenes, a sound design featurette, and ‘WALL•E‘s Tour of the Universe’. Additionally there will be a three disc DVD release with all of the above features, plus additional deleted scenes, making of featurettes, BnL shorts, The Pixar Story documentary, ‘WALL•E‘s Treasures and Trinkets’, the ‘Lots of Bots’ storybook, and more. The site also reports that there will also be two Blu-ray releases with the above features besides Disney File, plus Cine-Explore, BURN•E picture-in-picture, Axiom Arcade, Geek Track and the BD Live feature. The most complete release is said to be the 3 disc WALL•E Blu-ray, which will include all of the above plus a DisneyFile digital copy. WALL•E is expected to be out on home video on November 18.