one_hundred_and_one_dalmatians_movie_poster.jpgI don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen enough spots to last me a while this week! Our own Jeremie Noyer has of course been filling our pages each day with a host of Dalmatians 101 interviews, speaking to cast, crew and fans of Walt’s canine classic, marking its debut in a two-disc Platinum Edition DVD:

Bill Leven remembers his Cruella de Vil songwriting dad Mel Leven!

• Disney Legend Alice Davis on Cruella’s artist, Disney Legend Marc Davis!

• Vocal actress Lisa Davis on becoming Dalmatians’ Anita Radcliffe!

• Animation expert Andreas Deja looks back on a dog-gone Disney classic!

And, rounding up this week of Dalmatian celebration, is my promised review of the One Hundred And One Dalmatians: Platinum Edition. It’s a surprisingly strong showing for the series, with a solid restoration and perfectly formed extras bringing it close to being top dog, save for a couple of spotty oversights that could have helped the set reach a perfect 10 score all around. As it is, the brilliant film is worth the pick up (especially as a ridiculously low price online: Amazon has it for under $16) and you’ll find a supplement package that may feel light at first but actually contains some wonderful gems.

Y’all have a great weekend! – Ben.