Talking to Tony Bancroft as Mulan returns to DVD

In a bit of stealth-like marketing, Disney has very quietly released their 1998 animated epic Mulan back to DVD this week. Unfortunately, there’s no Blu-ray edition, and fans with the original 2-disc Special Edition need not apply: the new boxed set merely repeats that version and bundles in the film’s direct to video sequel, Mulan II.

We reviewed both releases originally, but the new box gives us a chance to bring you Jeremie Noyer’s chat with director Tony Bancroft (where you’ll find review links to the discs featured in the “new” release), who talks about his career from Cal Arts through assisting on various classic Disney features, directing Mulan and the formation of his own company. As always, Jeremie provides a very pleasant insight into another animator’s career!

Also, don’t forget – when you have a few days spare! – to check out our complete Comic-Con coverage, if you haven’t already, where James, Rand and myself have all documented our experiences on our recent get together down San Diego way. After recovering from all that excitement, we’re back to the job of looking at the current crop of discs, so look for some better late than never reviews coming up in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend, and stay tooned! – Ben.