narnia-logo.JPGHey! There’s just time to squeeze in a final post before the weekend, to reveal what the “nice surprise” Rand mentioned a couple of days ago is all about. While animation is the name of the game around here, of course, we do like to keep our eye on classic cinema, visual effects blockbusters and those half and half, in-between films that seem to come more and more often, blurring the lines between “plain old” visual effects and full-blown CGI animated movies. One of Disney’s most recent hits in this area has been with The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, the first of CS Lewis’ Narnia books that came to screens a couple of years back. That film, now joined by its follow-up Prince Caspian opening in theaters this weekend, has just been released on high-def Blu-Ray Disc, and to celebrate, Jeremie Noyer has been speaking to the series’ co-producer and someone with a unique connection to the original author himself, Douglas Gresham, as well as storyboard and conceptual artist Trevor Goring, who also presents some wonderful artwork from the development process. You’ll find those interviews, Back Into The Narnia Wardrobe, right here, with the promise of a few more up Jeremie’s sleeve as the new Prince Caspian film begins its no doubt equally successful run at the box-office.

Have yourselves a great weekend, and stay tooned! – Ben.