narnia-logo.JPGWe’ve a return trip to Narnia today, in the company of Jeremie Noyer, who’s speaking to the co-producer of Prince Caspian, Douglas Gresham, on his role in the new film now playing in theaters. I’ve not seen it yet, and I have to be honest and say the book wasn’t one of my favorites in the Narnia series, but from the sounds of it the film has added a good dose of action, which should translate to a more visual screen adventure, which I look forward to catching soon.

Just a quick note today, but I wanted to squeeze in a mention of Sydney Pollack, the live-action director who passed away yesterday. Although he has very few links with the world of animation, he was an important producer and director who made some truly great films, and touched many others. His contributions to the world of film as a whole will truly be missed.

– Ben.