Have we got a massive helping of Dalmatians for you this week! Not quite one hundred and one, I’ll admit, but still a heck of a lot all the same! It’s all to celebrate the release tomorrow of the Platinum Edition of Disney’s classic, and one of my favorites, One Hundred And One Dalmatians, naturally, and first puppy out of the box is our own Jeremie Noyer! I’m sure you’ve been enjoying his many interviews recently, and he’s got four for you this week, which we’ll be unleashing each day. Today, Bill Leven discusses his father’s career – Mel was of course the legendary songwriter behind one of the biggest Disney hits ever…the theme song to the greatest of villains, Cruella de Vil! Bill looks back on his Dad’s work and what it was like working for Walt at the time of Dalmatians at the Studio, in a fun little read that’s a nice doggy snack while we wait for tomorrow’s big release!

Don’t forget that our One Hundred And One Dalmatians contest remains open until tomorrow night, so get your entries in, as well as for the Complete Series of Archie’s Funhouse giveaway, ending at the same time!

With more information on that Archie’s Funhouse: The Complete Series release is good ol’ Randall, who dropped in over the weekend to post his full review. There’s a ton of info in there about the show, and while Rand seems to only half-heartedly recommend the program (“the rapid-fire pace of the show is impressive in its way, but fatigue sets in quickly”), the set itself garners big thumbs up for its bonus package well exceeding expectations. As Rand says, “the set is far from a wash, and based on the bonus disc alone, I can recommend this set to Filmation and Archie buffs”. I’ll admit, the show itself sounds nuts, but I’m tempted.

We’ll have another review for you later today when I check back in with a write-up on The Beatrix Potter Collection, so stay tooned! – Ben.