More Narnia; more Drawn Together!

narnia-logo.JPGWe’ve a couple of very different reads to round the week off with! First up, Jeremie Noyer has been speaking to one of The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian‘s art directors, Frank Walsh, about just what a huge undertaking it is to pull all the various departments together on a massive franchise event movie. Frank’s even sharing some on-set construction photos from the film’s production, which offer up their own wow-factor in this age where sets are usually extended in the computer. We’ll have more from Narnia soon!

Next up, get ready to swap the charm of Narnia for downright outrageous crudity. Some might call it filth, but our own Randall Cyrenne is still getting a big kick out of Drawn Together – Uncensored! Season Three, the third and final season of the Comedy Central show that packs various stereotypical animated types into a reality show styled scenario. I’ve only ever caught a couple of episodes of the show itself but, as a fan of the channel’s South Park, I can totally get behind Rand’s support of this off the wall series when he calls it “oddly compelling”. However, he does add that “this is definitely not a show for everyone”, but – hey – sometimes you just need to get away from all that princess sweetness, right?

Have a great weekend, and stay tooned! – Ben.