indy-4-title1.JPGWelcome to a new week, and we have a bunch of reviews on the way for you that should be up for the weekend: Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 6 and The Flintstones: The Complete Series among them! We’ll also have a winning name for our Spotlight Collection contest, which ended over the weekend.

But for today, if you will indulge me for more than a moment, I’ve posted my take on Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull: 2-Disc Edition. I wouldn’t call it a straight “review” exactly, more of a cheeky dissecting of what was so ultimately disappointing about the whole endeavor. I didn’t hate Indy IV in the same way that thinking about Superman Returns makes my skin crawl, and if it weren’t for Harrison Ford the film would be unwatchable, but it’s such a flat pancake of a movie that in no way holds up the previous films, I felt I needed to outline my frustration rather than just present a few simple paragraphs of predictably slamming remarks. So, what you’ll find is almost as lengthy as the movie itself, a tongue in cheek “running commentary” that’s all meant in good humor, but makes its points clear. I really wanted to like this Indy the third go around (after two trips to the theater to try and work out why it wasn’t working), but its lethargic nature just can’t nudge itself into anything more than an old and cranky third gear. Enjoy!

And stay tooned! – Ben.