the-goof.jpgOur Walt Disney Treasures sets dropped on the old Animated News & Views doormat the other day, and are winding their way to our reviewers, so expect out takes on the latest three titles in the next week or so.

The new wave hits stores tomorrow, but in the meantime, Rodney Figueiredo has re-posted his 2002 review for one of the best in the series, The Complete Goofy, some really lovely comments that show up what a genuine fan of The Goof our man Rodney really is. Of course there are also the customary remarks on the terrific bonus features, and no surprises for the set garnering an overall score of 10/10! If you can hunt one down, this is well recommended for being one of the best Treasures in the series.

Bringing things up to date, Randall Cyrenne returns once more to Schulz’ world of Peanuts (I’m afraid we’re going to lose him in there one of these days!) for the new deluxe edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas, which also comes bundled as part of the Peanuts Holiday Collection with an extra soundtrack CD. Rand is just as much a Peanuts fan as Rodney is for Goofy, so you’ll not find any disparaging remarks here – “a classic all the way” he says – though he does pick Warners up on the not as comprehensive documentary featurette as previous discs, even if he suggests this is the latest in “a consistently good line of products”.

Some news just in is that electronics superstore Circuit City has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada. The company plans to continue operating on funds from its lenders, but a scramble to slash prices or fill the gap is surely going to send things haywire for the foreseeable future. Might be a good time for those yet to go Blu to snap up a player…

captain-usa.jpgOn a happier note, I’m thrilled that director Joe Johnston, a vastly underrated talent that brought us the simply brilliant The Rocketeer and the upcoming The Wolfman among others, has signed up with Marvel Studios to helm First Avenger: Captain America for release on May 6 2011. The Avengers reference in the title is no mistake, of course; Marvel is planning to unleash individual films featuring their stable of heroes before uniting them in a team-up movie, also set for 2011: Thor and an Ion Man sequel are already underway. Through the magic of comic book storytelling, Captain America will be set faithful to the World War II source, while the character will appear in contemporary guise in the present-day set Avengers. No casting has begun yet, but let’s dust Matt Salinger’s 1990 video effort under the rug, shall we?

We should be back later tonight with reviews for The Flintstones: The Complete Series and James’ thoughts on the just opened (with $63.5 million, so cue episodes 3, 4 and 5) DreamWorks feature Madagascar: The Crate Escape …oops, sorry… Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

Stay tooned! – Ben.