Andreas Deja hits the spot!

We’re back with the last of our One Hundred And One Dalmatians interviews today, as Jeremie looks back on some fun trivia from the making of the film with Disney animator and expert Andreas Deja. The film’s Xerography style is elaborated upon, as is Walt’s original dismissing of the approach, and Andreas also speaks about his relationships with the original Studio artists and how their work – especially Marc Davis’ Cruella de Vil – informed his own later villain animation.

Congratulations to Eric Emin Wood, Eric Stallard and Raph Branca, who all win one of three copies of the new Dalmatians Platinum Edition, and to our five lucky Archie’s Funhouse set winners: Christopher Miles, L. Patterson, Mark Fleming, Jeremy Gatesman and Geraldine Rodriguez! Don’t forget that our Enchanted giveaway is still open until its DVD release day of March 18, so there’s still plenty of time to enter.

I’ll be back tomorrow with our full take on the Platinum Dalmatians, so stay tooned! – Ben.