With my thoughts on Your Host, Walt Disney added to our review lineup, our coverage of all four of last year’s wave of Walt Disney Treasures is finally complete! While this collection does repeat a chunk of material known already to collectors, it’s still a more than reasonable collection of Walt-centric episodes from his TV show, and perhaps the only other “must have” in this wave after the second helping of Silly Symphonies. To recap on those four titles from last December:

The Mickey Mouse Club Presents The Hardy Boys – the serialized television story gets a full airing in a “complete”, non-interrupted form, and a collectors’ set that’s “a pleasant surprise” for Randall Cyrenne.

More Silly Symphonies – Rodney Figueiredo jumps in for five hours of pure animated gold, a series of cartoons that will “forever sit in animation history as inspiration to the animators of their era and even today”.

The Complete Pluto, Volume Two – somewhat less enthusiastic is my take on this set, which concludes the pup’s animated adventures but “feels more than a little bare bones”, with several milestones still missing.

Your Host, Walt Disney – a trip through Walt’s personal playgrounds: the film studio and theme park that bear his name, in these entertaining nostalgia trips that are “pure magic, Walt is charm personified in this warm recommend”.

Join us again tomorrow, when we have something very cool to bring you…!

– Ben.