Can you believe it? My favorite Walt Disney picture and they royally screw it up on DVD, and in a supposedly deluxe 2-disc Platinum Edition no less!

After the many great reviews you’ve probably read around the web, I’ve stepped up with my 700lbs gorilla version, and have to warn you going in that I wasn’t pleased with the results. I love the film for sure – it is pure Disney magic captured in beautiful frames of animation – but the treatment it has gotten here is vastly disappointing when one knows what could have been even using available material. One “feature” on disc two – I’ll let you read through to guess which one, ahem! – has to undeniably be someone’s idea, frankly, of a joke.

As I say near the end of my take on the Peter Pan: Platinum Edition, I do have to wonder if upping the count to two titles per year in this collection isn’t hurting the content…certainly since we went to multiple Platinums the last feature-packed and worthy edition in this (no-longer) “prestigious” line was Bambi, followed by several misfires. As with those recent additions to the series, Pan is missing known possible features, some as basic as trailers for the movie, and comes with the most flat and boring menus that have graced a Disney DVD in many a year.

Oops…I’m slipping back into review mode. It’s a lengthy piece, and I’m just telling it like it is folks, but why don’t you head on over to Never Never-Land and see why I wish this edition had never never-happened!? – Ben.