As promised our theatrical Toon Reviewer James R Whitson has posted his thoughts on Bee Movie, the meeting of computer animation giants DreamWorks with giant comedian Jerry Seinfeld. But wait…that $38m opening might get a huge drop off this weekend based on what Mr Whitson has to say about the film, and if his comments are indicative of the film’s word of mouth. While he’s a fan of both Seinfeld and animation (as one would hope, writing for an animation website!), he can’t get to grips with the final result, finding that Jerry is unable to leave the television format behind and settles on an episodic format that feels like “three episodes of a show spliced together”.

Interestingly enough, James also picks up on some quirks with RenĂ©e Zellweger’s character Vanessa’s facial expressions, which I had also had my doubts about as far back as when we first saw completed stills from the movie. So I’m glad I’m not the only one who was thinking something wasn’t quite right there. And as for Zellweger’s “relationship” with Barry B. Benson? I’m still having an internal struggle as to whether that’s weirder than the original Stuart Little book, where Geena Davis’ mother character was implied to have actually given natural birth to the Little mouse!

Back soon with more reviews! – Ben.