Aquaman swims again!

Our comic book animation geek Randall Cyrenne has gotten his feet wet with his latest DC Comics Classic Collection review for The Adventures Of Aquaman, a fun if slight little action show I remember enjoying weekday afternoons back in the day. True to my memories, Rand calls the show “old school, goofy comic book fun” with “an easy charm that, despite utilizing cardboard characters, manages to entertain at a delightfully basic level”. Sounding pretty neat is the 26 minute documentary extra that celebrates Aquaman’s legacy – so cool that they make mention of the “James Cameron directed version” in the sublime HBO series Entourage – and there are good words for the “generally distinct and colourful” image transfer and overall package: with “all the fun and innocence of comics’ Silver Age, Aquaman fans can’t go wrong”.

In keeping with the television animation theme, we’ll also be posting the winner of our TailSpin: Volume 2 contest later today, so please check back to see if you were lucky!

Stay tooned! – Ben.