Appreciation for Filmation!

While our Popeye celebrations prove we obviously love the classics, we’re in no way “highbrow” here and there’s nothing like a bit of childhood television nostalgia for those of a certain age! Here the Filmation studio certainly fills a gap, and by sheer coinkidink – nothing was planned I promise you – we’ve got a Filmation review rush on our hands, suitably covering the good, the bad, and the almost ugly from the studio over their thirty year or so existence.

The New Adventures Of Superman – the 1966 show that quite literally started it all for Lou Scheimer and company; a terrifically entertaining, slightly camp outing for the Man Of Steel.

The New Adventures Of Batman – the second of Warner’s recent DC Classics collections, this 1977 program finds Adam West and Burt Ward back in the Batcave and Filmation at their peak.

Filmation’s Ghostbusters: Volume 2 – Fortunes at the studio began to slide in the mid-80s, not helped by a rival Ghostbusters show spooking the networks away from these original guys.

The Best Of Bravestarr – a recent review finds Filmation attempting to replicate the success of He-Man‘s toy blitz, but the result didn’t capture the imagination and led to the studio’s close.

Don’t forget that we’ve also charted the course of Filmation history in Rand’s Fond Look Back At Filmation appreciation piece, which chronicles everything this often overlooked studio eventually turned out.

We’re also sticking with television animation, of the slightly more generously budgeted kind I grant you, for a new Darkwing Duck giveaway. Get your mits on Volume 2 of the little dark dark’s crimefighting adventures by shooting your entries over to us before next Tuesday!

– Ben.