Sorry for the howling header for today’s brief welcome…it’s been one of those weekends!

Anyhoo, a couple of reviews have been added to the site for releases old and new. Rodney takes a look at BCI’s 2005 collection of The Best of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe and likes what he sees, while Rand takes on their newer release, The Legend Of Prince Valiant: The Complete Series, Volume Two which compliments his comments on the previously released Volume One.

And if you haven’t submitted your name for our Flushed Away Giveaway, then hop on over, Le Frog like, and do so – there’s just a few hours left!

After promising you wouldn’t hear much from me last week before proceeding to post quite a bit of new content, I really am going to be taking more of a break from the front page this week, and finally, finally get to those updates I’ve been promising for a while. Bear with me!

– Ben.