The following is a press release from Buena Vista Home Entertainment regarding their unique FastPlay feature found on many of their family-oriented DVD releases, emphasizing their plans to expand its implementation due to high customer satisfaction.

BURBANK, Calif., March 23, 2006 – In support of the March 21st DVD release of Chicken Little, Disney’s #1 animated movie of 2005, and the recent blockbuster DVD release of Disney’s Lady And The Tramp 50th Anniversary Edition, Walt Disney Home Entertainment has equipped both DVD titles with Disney’s FastPlay. Due to broad consumer demand, Disney’s FastPlay has rapidly become an essential feature for the majority of Disney DVDs.

With Disney’s FastPlay, viewers can let the DVD play automatically. This family-friendly, exclusive patent-pending technology plays the movie and includes a selection of bonus footage without any additional viewing navigation. Or, viewers can choose to navigate through a simplified menu using their remote control.

A recent industry survey has revealed that 81% of parent and non-parent families surveyed have experienced satisfaction with Disney’s FastPlay feature. Nearly 80% of parents surveyed intend to purchase Disney’s FastPlay titles in the future. Additionally, 66% of non-parents surveyed also intend to purchase Disney’s FastPlay titles for the added choice and convenience. Due to such positive research, Walt Disney Home Entertainment is expanding Disney’s FastPlay to many major titles.

Disney’s FastPlay includes the exclusive EasyFind menu system, available only on Disney DVDs. EasyFind menus provide consistent categories and graphic icons for easy identification of bonus material features. In addition, 2-Disc sets feature an index page identifying all of the bonus features available on both Disc 1 and Disc 2.

Since its initial launch on Disney’s The Three Musketeers in 2004, Disney’s FastPlay has been featured on over 23 million DVD units.

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