Ultimate Disney reviews the Tarzan II DVD, and fails to see much to impress in Disney’s latest direct-to-video midquel. Says the reviews’ closing thoughts, “There is a worthy Tarzan follow-up that could be made, but Tarzan & Jane certainly wasn’t it and neither is this. Tarzan II’s midquel setting is not the most inspired or interesting direction with which to make a new film. In spite of strong production values, it’s strictly tailored to young viewers, lacking any of the edge and most of the drama of the first film. Gone are the lyrical power, compelling story, and universal appeal of Tarzan. They have been replaced with a shallow and unexciting episode from Tarzan’s youth which was better only hinted at in its predecessor’s ‘Son of Man’ sequence.” Nonetheless, the critic speaks highly of Phil Collins’ new tunes for the feature. Tarzan II will swing into stores on June 14th.