After you get your DVD today of The Incredibles be sure to go hunting for Easter eggs. If you want some hints, just look here:

Each egg can be found by going to the following menu screens and waiting for its animation to finish a loop. Then an icon (of either Mr. Incredible or the Omnidroid) will appear that you can click on to access the hidden feature.

Disc 1

Commentaries Screen – Bob Parr jazzes it up

Disc 2

Main Menu – Buttons and Doors

Deleted Scenes Menu – Dash and the Tack Deleted Scene

Behind the Scenes Menu – Frank and Ollie Extra

Behind the Scenes Menu > More Making of the Incredibles – He Scores! OR alternate versions of the “Mr. Incredible takes out a guard with a coconut” scene

Behind the Scenes Menu > Publicity – The Remote Control (one version with Dash, one version with Frozone, and possibly more)

Set Up Screen – The Incredibles as performed by sock puppets

Disc 2 Index, Page 1 – Cake Eating

Disc 2 Index, Page 2 – The dangers of riding a razor scooter at Pixar

If you find more Easter eggs than are listed here, be sure to submit them. Thanks to Sean for submitting one of the Easter eggs.