Chicken_Little (11k image)Chicken Little enters more than 3,000 theaters this weekend, projecting itself as the first fully computer animated motion picture from Walt Disney Feature Animation. Thus far, reviews for the movie have been leaning on the negative side, considering its score of 30% on the Rotten Tomatoes meter. “Chicken Little, though it has its moments, mostly just feels anxious and overreaching. It tries to be all things to all people and fails to be anything to anyone,” states the Los Angeles Times, while Variety calls the film, “Under-nourishing and highly derivative.” Nevertheless, Chicken Little seems to please some critics as well, with IGN FilmForce remarking, “Not a classic, but it’s an entertaining, cute film and a promising start for Disney’s new division,” and the Hollywood Reporter commenting, “A consistently amusing, often inspired family romp.”

How will the feature fare with viewers this weekend, though? Lee’s Movie Info suggests a $25 million opening for Chicken Little, as Box Office Report predicts a $44 million start. Box Office Guru meets those forecasts somewhere in-between, guessing a $37 million debut for the chick flick. Box Office Mojo predicts $38.8 million.