Out this Tuesday on DVD, Paul McCartney: The Music And Animation Collection collects Sir Paul’s three animated films together for the first time. DVD Toons takes a look at the disc, saying that although “Miramax‚Äôs idea to collect [the] various animated projects together in one place is a great one, this new DVD ultimately falls short in a couple of areas”, pointing to the fact that there are a few music video clips that could also have been included. The film transfers are also a slight disappointment: “Perhaps due to the fact that the material on the disc originated in Britain, all of the footage is PAL conversions to NTSC, rather than new, film based transfers. Getting over that, the disc does boast a vibrant image [and] I’m happy to report that the musical pitch seems to have been shifted back down to its correct musical key. Where the disc shines is in the unexpectedly in-depth extras, especially the line tests, which are truly fascinating”.