Brother Bear: the DVD Toons review

Adding to the growing number of reviews the upcoming March 30 DVD edition of Disney’s latest 2-disc set is getting, the ever in-depth DVD Toons weighs in with {{link their take on Brother Bear}}. While the disc gets good marks, the film doesn’t fare so easily: “It’s almost a case of Disney by numbers. The opening human sections are great, re-treading Pocahontas ground with mystical stories and elders who continue the legacy of their people,” says Ben Simon. “But against that, there seems to be an over reliance on tricks (comedy sidekicks, music montages, etc) that have helped previous Disney films scrape through. The film may not be a classic in the true Disney sense, but has enough of the humor and heart that we’ve come to expect from the recent films from the Studio that it is able to stand on its own two (four?) legs. All in all, a very comprehensive package, with features put together in a classy way as only Disney can, and that will please the young and even the oldest animation nuts out there”.