Animated Views is continually looking to expand and add new features, and key to that is our tirelessly dedicated staff. New content also means more people, and new contributors are always welcome to submit applications!

There’s no programming or HTML experience necessary (you’ll be given full pointers on how to use our very easy posting process), our various positions are super-flexible and can be tailored to the amount of time applicants feel they can realistically contribute. Our placements often especially suit those who would like to run their own sites but without the amount of time a solo enterprise demands. All we ask is that you are dedicated and take your participation seriously and on as professional a level as possible.

Not all of these positions are open at all times, but these are typical of the roles our staff fill and you may want to consider applying for:


Our ongoing Animated News service is looking for people from any location who regularly search the web for animation stories or naturally come across them during their online hours. All you’ll need to do is write up a sentence that encapsulates the story and post a link to our front page, adding an image if appropriate. We’re also looking for people who can simply format news from readers’ emails, press releases and other submissions to the site, for general presentation in the Animated News column.


Combining all aspects of the above, we’re always on the lookout for dedicated individuals all over the globe to search for links, chase up their own stories, post and edit them to the front page. The opportunity to cross over to our editorial section with selected articles is a high possibility, and we would especially like to hear from people with specific areas of animation expertise or people in the LA or NY areas that could provide coverage of animation events.


At Animated Views, we’re looking to keep the content rolling in our Interview and Retrospective sections. Animation knowledge is a must, though those with good research skills and the right enthusiasm will be considered and again you’ll be asked to contribute at least one feature-length article of suitable depth per month. We’d like to build up coverage of animation happenings worldwide as well, and if you live in the LA or NY area and would be able to contribute to our Events Coverage, we’d love to hear from you too.


As a review site, reviewers are obviously important! Our review section aims to inform with entertaining takes on the latest DVD, Blu-ray and feature film releases, but we’d like to add regular comments on soundtracks, books and merchandise too! You’ll be providing your reviews under your own steam for many of your pieces but occasional freebies may be sent out. However this should not be a reason for applying. Again, opportunity for crossover to other section positions is high.


We’re looking for enthusiastic and well-written people to cover the latest animated TV specials. You’ll have knowledge of the current television animation scene as well as a certain level of classic animation awareness. This is an “as and when” opening, with screener copies offered where available, though a continued stream of your own reviews would be expected in gap periods.


While animation isn’t just for kids, the truth is that a lot of it is! With the advent of more and more pre-school shows making their way to DVD, we’re looking for someone to review these titles in a timely manner. This position would suit a parent who could provide commentary on such releases as guidance for other parents. Reviews, which would follow our general layout, will be “as and when”, with screeners supplied. There would be no expectation for titles to be covered from your own libraries, but we would not discourage this if offered!


As an area of animation recognizably lacking at Animated Views we are looking to build up our coverage of this unique and successful segment of the animation pie. Absolutely expert knowledge, good writing skills, and the time to dedicate to the many releases each month, we would be primarily requesting round-up reviews on the more mainstream and established brands as opposed to the relentless franchise splinters. Screeners will be requested as this section of the site starts to become more established, and there may be a need for news coverage as well, on the most major stories in this area.


We’re looking for someone to organize, run and source new contests, giveaways and prize competitions. Most of our opportunities come direct from distributors eager to promote their latest titles, but taking the initiative during down times and setting up your own contests would be a plus. Responsibilities would include the setting up of content for our Contest section and the announcement of the winning names under our guidelines. There would be no physical handling of the prizes, and no shipping costs incurred on your part.


The Animated Views Forum is always abuzz with interesting conversation, exciting news and friendly members, but sometimes a topic can get a little over enthusiastic! As a site that is proud to refer to itself as PG-rated, you would be someone we could count on to keep an eye on the Forums for questionable comments and inappropriate behavior. Editing of messages and banning of members may be subject to the Senior Editors’ decisions, but a day-to-day monitoring of the boards and reporting unruly participants is needed, as well as spotting those who might show an interest in joining our team!


If you would like to assist the running of the sites in other ways, we’re always looking for people we can call upon to fill in where needed, from assisting in our Forum, to writing up pieces for our News headlines, occasional features for our Views pages, or contributing to our other regular features and suggesting new ideas for features on the site. You will be good writers, able to think for yourselves and happy to help out as and when needed. Naturally, there is much room for promotion for the right people to whichever areas they demonstrate a clear affinity towards.


Animated Views is an always working-in-progress site, created and maintained by fans for fans. It is completely self-run without any affiliation, sponsorship or advertising, and in many cases we all work and write for the love of the medium. As we have grown, we have attracted the interest of several companies, studios and individuals. The occasional exciting, one of a kind perks often crop up, but these should not be expected or your only consideration when applying for a role within our team.

We’re also very open, with a friendly working environment and always pleased to listen to suggestions from even the newest staff member for new features and changes. Although there is no outright payment, we do adhere to a professional approach with standard guidelines that we request be followed. As such, you’ll be working under an established group who reserve the right to edit pieces for style purposes, while on content issues the writer will be consulted. Although all roles are essentially voluntary, your accepted application constitutes an agreement that we expect to be taken seriously.

International applicants are very welcome to apply – in fact half the current staff resides outside the United States! But Animated Views is primarily an American-based website and you will be asked to contribute with that outlook in mind. We also politely request that, while you participate in Animated Views, you do not contribute content to any other similarly themed website that could be seen as a conflict of interest.

All stories and features will be credited to the original writer, but content remains the copyright of (previously and and may not be reproduced without permission. But don’t worry: we’re nice about things like that!

In the first instance, please apply by signing up to our forum using your real name and introducing yourself, or Private Message either Forum Moderators Ben or James. You may include any background info to support your submission for any position listed above. Please allow time for us to review your application and to respond to you.

Good luck, and thank-you for your interest in Animated Views!

(Ref: AV-JOIN-2009)