The AV Readers' Choice Poll - Best Animated Feature Film of 2017

Critics, the Academy, Hollywood guilds, and even the Animated Views staff are rendering their judgment on the top films of the year. But now it's your turn! Which of the twenty-nine listed below is the best animated film of 2017?

Click the posters of your first, second, and third choices in that order. (Mobile users may need to click the posters twice. A colored ribbon with a number on it will appear when the film is selected.) Then hit the SUBMIT button. Click the CLEAR button to change your selections and start over. Only one vote per household please. We'll tally up all the numbers and reveal your choice in our upcoming Best of 2017 article.

The poll is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.
Results will be available soon in Animated Views' Best of 2017 article!