AV Interactive #1: Best Animated Monster Movie of the Past Decade

UPDATE: The votes are in! Your choice for the best animated "monster movie" of the past decade: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit! But it was an extremely close race. Second place went to Coraline, who just missed out on the top spot by a single vote. Just behind was Monsters University. The top three were bunched very close together with everyone else well behind. Thanks for your input! Look for the next edition of AV Interactive later this month.

The list below shows how each film placed in the poll.

PREVIOUSLY: Welcome to the first edition of AV Interactive, a place where we'll be getting you directly involved in the site with things like polls, trivia, contests, debates, and more! It's no coincidence that this new feature coincides with the launch of our Facebook page. Our Forum is a great way to have longer in-depth discussions. But nothing beats Facebook for quick and easy conversations between animation fans – just the thing we're hoping to foster with these fun posts!

With Halloween just a few days away, our first question for you guys is this: What was the best animated "monster movie" of the past decade?

And don't forget to share your picks, and the reasoning behind them, on our new Facebook page! We're also looking for your thoughts on a possible new name for this feature – be sure to give us your suggestions.