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More on Mainframe's Scary Godmother

Take a peek inside Mainframe’s Scary Godmother over at CGW. WWOOOOOHHHHHH BOOOOOO I’m scared :)

Keeping it cheap(er) – CG cartoons for TV that don't break the bank

Mainframe’s Scary Godmother is set to premiere this Halloween, but how do you keep the cost down and produce a great CG cartoon? Film and Video

Looney Tunes Golden DVD Collection Review at The Digital Bits

Wow is it hard to type when you are drooling on your keyboard. The Digital Bits just put up a review of Looney Tunes Golden DVD Collection. Oh ya, The Rabbit of Seville, gurrgggle (currently drooling like Homer Simpson over a box of donuts).

Computer Animation – Lango Style

Raise your hand if you know who Keith Lango is. Ok, a few of you. Have you ever watched a Big Idea cartoon like Veggie Tales, 3-2-1 Pengiuns, or the Electronic Theater at Siggraph 2001? Then you probably saw some of his work and didn’t even know it. Well I stopped over at his page […]

Exploring the Reef – Finding Nemo pictures

Poor Jean-Michel Cousteau :( He just can’t get a break with the cast of Finding Nemo. While trying to make an under water documentary, Cousteau’s camera caught the eye of Dory and she just loves to have her picture taken. These screenshots don’t do the animation justice, but if you didn’t see it on ABC […]

Looney Tunes – Back In Action web site is…. well BACK

So before Daffy gets his beak blown off again, go check out the site before it changes! Looney Tunes – Back In Action