Riot Games, Netflix, and Fortiche have released the highly anticipated teaser trailer to the second season of their game-changing animated series Arcane, which you can watch in the player above.

The first season of the series, adapting a small portion of the lore to the popular video game League of Legends, was first broadcast in 2021 and garnered near universal acclaim for it’s breathtaking animation, heart-wrenching narrative, and fantastic characters voiced by an outstanding cast that featured Hailee Steinfeld (the Spider-Verse film series), Ella Purnell (Fallout), and Katie Leung (the Harry Potter film series). It would sweep the Annie Awards in 2022 and win numerous other awards including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. The first season took six years to produce, so fans understood that it would take some time before the greatly desired second season would follow.

The second season of Arcane picks up in the aftermath of the horrifying cliffhanger that ended the first season. The actions of Jinx has created greater turmoil between the Utopian city of Piltover and the oppressed underbelly of Zaun, completely fracturing what little peace was left to prevent another bloody conflict. Vi, unable to reach her sister, is forced to go down a path she previously considered unfathomable.

Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends and producers of Arcane, have noted in a developer update video that launched at the same time as the teaser trailer that this will serve as the final season. There are plans to proceed with creating new animated series exploring the other characters and lore within the world of the video game, which was all but assured as a result of the success of the first season.

Arcane season two will stream on Netflix in November 2024. It is presumed that, like the first season, its release will probably coincide with the finals of the League of Legends World Championships, which will take place on November 2.