A fascinating new video essay/documentary has been released by the YouTube channel “Ok so…” on the creation of Foodfight!, the infamous animated feature about supermarket mascots that has become an online punching bag over the years. The film had an absolutely insane production, and was intended to start a massive franchise which obviously never came to be. This video includes interviews and very rarely seen early animation and promotional footage. It is a treat for animation fans as well as bad movie lovers.

In 2012, the animated feature Foodfight! was unleashed on the world. It was given a theatrical release just a year before in the UK, Russia, and Dubai. The movie cost approximately 32 million dollars, starred Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hillary Duff, Eva Longoria, and Christopher Lloyd. Yet it only made back less than 1% of its budget and lives in infamy as the worst animated feature ever created. This is its story.