Below is a five-episode documentary series released by Riot Games called Bridging the Rift. It chronicles the development of Arcane, the groundbreaking animated series based in Riot Games’ League of Legends video game that has gone on to garner near universal acclaim and accolades, including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, since the first season premiered in November 2021.

Note: Bridging the Rift contains spoilers to the first season of Arcane and includes strong language.

Part 1 – I Only Dream in Risky
The episode explores Christian Linke conceiving and pitching the idea of an animated series based in League of Legends.

Part 2 – Persistence (Or When Your Best Still Sucks)
After Riot Games makes the disheartening decision to halt production, Linke realizes he needs actual writers to shape the series.

Part 3 – Killstreaks Meet Keyframes
A breathtaking look at the Paris-based animation studio Fortiche and their process in developing their unique visual aesthetic.

Part 4 – Musical Misfits
Coming from a musical background, Linke assembles an impressive talent to conduct the melodies that breathe life into the series.

Part 5 – We Gave It Our Best Shot
After six years of development, anticipation for reception of the season one’s release build while work shifts to season two.