20th Century and Locksmith Animation’s Ron’s Gone Wrong opens today. Critics think the film is working just fine, giving it a solid 80% at Rotten Tomatoes. Their consensus: “It isn’t the first animated film to confront technology creep, but in terms of striking an entertaining balance between humor and heart, Ron’s Gone Wrong gets it right.” Box Office Mojo notes that it’s “been a soft year for animated films, a genre that usually features heavily among the year’s top grossing films. The best grossing of the year’s animated films is The Boss Baby: Family Business which grossed $57.3 million and is only the 14th biggest grosser of the year overall. Ron’s Gone Wrong does not look to turn the trend around, but with little competition we could see solid legs on the film as we saw with The Addams Family 2, which was down only 41.6% and 30.2% in its second and third weekends.”