Marvel and Disney have launched the first teaser trailer to The Eternals, the second feature in phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Created by Jack Kirby, the Eternals are immortal alien Celestials who have secretly guided humanity along their evolutionary stages throughout history. A tragedy brings them together in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame to contend with their destructive counterparts, the Deviants.

The Eternals is directed by ChloƩ Zhao, who recently won the Best Director Academy Award for Nomadland, and features a diverse ensemble cast with Gemma Chan (Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel) as Sersi, Richard Madden (Cinderella) as Ikaris, Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) as Kingo, Lia McHugh (American Woman) as Sprite, Brian Tyree Henry (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) as Phastos, Lauren Ridloff (The Walking Dead) as Makkari, Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk) as Druig, Don Lee (Train to Busan) as Gilgamesh, Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) as Dane Whitman, Salma Hayek (Frida) as Ajak, and Angelina Jolie (Maleficent) as Thena.

The Eternals is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2021.