The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that for this year only, streamed films will be eligible for Oscars.

“Until further notice, and for the 93rd Awards year only, films that had a previously planned theatrical release but are initially made available on a commercial streaming or VOD service may qualify in the Best Picture, general entry and specialty categories for the 93rd Academy Awards.”

Films that may meet that criteria include DreamWorks’ Trolls World Tour, Warner Bros’ Scoob, Disney’s Artemis Fowl, Universal’s The King of Staten Island, My Spy from STX, and Paramount’s The Lovebirds, among others.

Once theatres reopen, films will again be required to follow Academy screening rules by having a run in a qualifying theatre — though that list will be expanded to include theatres outside of Los Angeles.

Academy President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson added, “The Academy firmly believes there is no greater way to experience the magic of movies than to see them in a theater. Our commitment to that is unchanged and unwavering. Nonetheless, the historically tragic COVID-19 pandemic necessitates this temporary exception to our awards eligibility rules. The Academy supports our members and colleagues during this time of uncertainty. We recognize the importance of their work being seen and also celebrated, especially now, when audiences appreciate movies more than ever.”